Creating New Org-Networks (ION, EON)

Network vCloud create 1

1) In the Administration tab open the DDC you want to create the network for.

Network vCloud create 2

2) Choose the Org VDC Networks tab.

3) Then click on the button Add Network… (the "+" sign).

Network vCloud create 4

4) Select the network type you want to create (Isolated network (ION), routed network (EON) and click Next.

4.1) If you choose to create a routed network, select the edge gateway it has to be attached to.

Network vCloud create 5

5) Enter the network settings for this network (gateway IP, network mask, DNS and the static IP pool). Please note, that the gateway address and network mask cannot be modified after creation.

NOTE: If you have to change the IP configuration of the network, create a new one and delete the existing one.

Network vCloud create 6

6) Enter a name for the network and a description (optional).

7) If you want to share this network with other OvDCs mark the checkbox share this network with other VDCs in the organization.

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